Day to Day Nihilism


Nihilism is not only rampant among the intellectual class but also among the entire people.  While most individuals do not or cannot give intellectual justification for their nihilism, they nonetheless function as nihilists. Despair reigns in many American homes. Father Seraphim in his book, Nihilism, addresses this everyday meaninglessness and its consequences. The bottom line is despair and an overwhelming fear of death.

In America church attendance is pitiful.  Christianity and the spiritual life are given little consideration.  People are trapped in a nihilistic view of the world that offers no hope. It is a world of no God and no absolute truth as Father Seraphim describes.  In this despairing environment the Church continues its pilgrimage.

The culture is geared to drowning out the spiritual voice of the Christian tradition. The Internet, commercials,  advertising, TV programs, movies, printed literature, and other cultural productions of our pop culture represent societal attitudes.  The cultural noise is overwhelming and overbearing.  This noise is not only a problem of volume but also of content.  Our society is producing and has produced chaos.

Christians are witnessing in this toxic environment.  While the noise attempts to jam our testimony to Christ, those who are seeking spiritual relief may listen and have listened to our voice.  People are saved by Christ.  We must not get discouraged; and, when we do,  we must pray that God will again make us bold.

The meek will inherit the earth as Jesus says in the Beatitudes.  The meek speak boldly about their Lord; and, at the same time, they speak with humility.  Our communications should be faithful, clear, humble and delivered with gentleness and respect.  May the Holy Spirit empower us to be his faithful witnesses.


Michael G. Tavella

April 7, 2020

Tuesday in Holy Week

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