Encounters with Jesus in the Gospel of John–The Healing of an Official’s Son


Many miracles, called signs, are recorded in the Gospel of John.  The second one involved the healing of an offical’s son at Cana, the same place where Jesus turned water into wine.  While Jesus was critical of the official’s reliance on miracles to believe, He went to Cana to heal his son.  The official also believed in the word Jesus said to him.  The point is that one should not rely on miracles to believe but Jesus’ word.

The word of Jesus who is the Word gives eternal life to those who believe.  We are called to share the word of life with others. The world deals death.  It is the mission of every Christian and the Church to bring into this realm of death the life that only God can give.

At the very beginning of John the narrator asserts in the prologue that in the Word is light and life.  We may seek elsewhere, but we will not find either light or life.  Our defense does not only convey information, but also delivers the very life Jesus promises.  We are a rich and fertile field, green with life, that brings others to the same place.

Michael G. Tavella

March 24, 2020

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