He Turned Aside


He turned aside to see the bush,

Unconsumed and brightly burning.

“”Moses, Moses,” to him addressed.

“Here I am,” to God he confessed.


He did not look upon the Lord

In fear he would that moment die.

God’s face is so resplendent and bright,

No human can endure the sight.


“Out of Egypt bring the host,

The fewest people of my own choice.”

“Not I, O Lord, I am so weak

Who am I Your Holy Word to speak?”


“Nonetheless, it is my will.

I’ll bide with you whatever may be.

Come again to me on this holy mount

And you shall drink from the sacred fount.”


“I need to know, what is Your Name?

Your chosen people will ask of me.”

“I Am Who I Am, to them go and say.

I’ll meet them along the wilderness way.”


The world’s divine, so the Stoics teach.

Not earth nor water, air nor fire

Describe the suchness of Israel’s Lord,

The mighty Creator to be adored.


Bright fire manifests the presence of God

From Sinai’s height to the Savior’s eyes.

The fire of judgment consumes all sin.

The fire of mercy brings the Spirit within.


Now, turn aside to the burning bush,

That reveals the presence of the angel of God.

Now, hear the Lord declare your Name

From out of the midst of the unquenchable flame.


Michael G. Tavella, Saint Matthias, February 23, 2023

Upcoming is an article on the happy life based on works of Saint Augustine and another on the apologies of Saint Justin Martyr and how they may apply today.

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