Our Aspirations


We all have dreams and hopes for our lives.  These aspirations may change as we mature, but we always have them.  The deepest of these aspirations has to do with our relationship with God and the hope that is grounded in Him.

How does this idea pertain to atheists?  Even atheists have aspirations; but, of course, God is not part of the picture.  Their sights are limited to this life.  All they look forward to must be fulfilled before death.  Since they cannot provide themselves with an afterlife, they enter into non-existence.  Now, some scientists are attempting to extend life, but without much success.  One hundred and fifty years compared to the everlasting highlights how inadequate such attempts are.

If someone tells you he does not at all fear death, it is a good chance that he’s not telling the truth.  The more one asserts his lack of fear, the less he’s believable.   Everyone has some fear of death.  It is the “undiscovered country” of which Hamlet speaks.  We are afraid of death; but, Christian faith tempers our fear.  We look forward to life in the presence of God while the atheists envisions what can’t be envisioned–nothing.

At the root of all our hopes and aspirations is the desire for the fulfillment of our lives.  Life can’t be fulfilled in life.  Partial fulfillment can occur, but not the completion that we seek.  It is only in God that we can know life’s fruition.  Only God can give us the Kingdom of Heaven  Only Christ has known completion in this life, that is, regarding His mission, not His person, for He is perfect.  On the cross, He cries, “It is finished,”  for He has done what the Father had asked Him to do–save us so that we may share God’s glory.

Eternal life is an essential part of the message that we share with others.  When someone talks to you about death and fears associated with it, you can provide the consolation that Christian faith gives.  Denial of the realty of death does not work very well.  It is best to address the concerns of those around us.  We do this with gentleness and respect.


Michael G. Tavella

November 6, 2021



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