Solutions to Limited Knowledge


Each one of us has very limited knowledge.  Even the most knowledgeable teacher or professor is not and cannot be a polymath–a person of much learning in all areas.   There is too great a body of knowledge for any one person to have a solid grasp on all of it.  Theology, church history, and the Scriptures would take several lifetimes to comprehend with thorough expertise.

How is it possible then for the ordinary Christian layperson, or for that matter pastors and bishops, adequately to answer questions that foes and seekers of the Gospel may have?  I know of two answers to this problem.  First, keep reading and studying matters pertaining to faith, especially the Bible and attend a class weekly at church (going to church for worship and to listen to sermons is essential); and when all of this fails in your conversations, tell the individual that you will find the answer.  Your pastor and your computer will assist in this endeavor.  Talk to your pastor and/or  use your computer (and books) to find out.  One of its great advantages is the vast knowledge it contains. Tell the person to whom you are witnessing that you will get back to him and don’t fail to get back to him.

The arm of our knowledge is greatly extended by our being aware of the many resources available that will answer our questions and extend our knowledge.  We should not give up our mission of defending and witnessing to the faith; because, we don’t think we know enough.  The solution is to keep learning, not withdrawing from the basic Christian responsibility of being light to the world.


Michael G. Tavella

Holy Week

March 25, 2024


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