The Power of the Invisible


We moderns know about invisible realities of which our ancestors had no awareness.  Micro-organism were first observed under a microscope in the late 17th century. Radiation beyond visible light was first detected at the very end of the 18th century.

Microbes and radiation, not known till recent times, have a tremendous effect on our lives.  Microbes are both necessary for our welfare and also dangerous to it.  Invisible radiation on the red and violet end of the spectrum can be beneficial and harmful.  Madame Curie, a great experimenter in this area, died of an over-exposure to harmful radiation.  But, it is also because of invisible radiation that we have X-rays that detect disease in the human body and are used as therapy against such things as cancer.

Modern humans believe in the existence of this invisible world.  It has taken no convincing that microbes are the cause of the recent pandemic.  People are taking precautions against what they can not see.  Some are terrified at this unseen foe.

The invisible has great power to relieve and to scare.  We know of the existence of microbes and radiation; because, with modern devices we can detect them.  The invisible God that is known in part by reason and even more so by faith has less of a following. While belief or non-belief in Him has a great effect on our lives, some treat the question of His existence as a question of little importance. Or, they regard it as an important question that needs to be answered in the negative for the sake of human welfare!  The notion of God is an oppression.  To overthrow Him in our hearts and minds is a great victory for the freedom of the human soul.

The problem is that it turns out that this common modern opinion is greatly damaging to the human heart and soul.  To disregard God or to deny HIs existence turns the heart to vain things in an attempt to add meaning to life.  Most, if not all, human beings are sustained by some sort of meaning.  Only God can give the meaning that is required.  Anything less is vanity.  Anything less is darkness and the abyss.

God is powerful, much more so than His creation that includes microbes and radiation.  He is powerful in the lives of those who believe Him.  He sustains them through all circumstances, good and ill.  God is powerful for those who do not believe Him.  They languish in the stark reality of meaninglessness and hopelessness. If they feel neither, they yet remain thrall to the idolatry that is a false hope.

It is well to keep in mind the power of the invisible God.  He stands behind creation and is its maker and sustainer.  Keep this confidence in the invisible Lord of all as you witness to others.


Michael G. Tavella

April 27, 2020

Christian Leadership
The Great Revolution