The World and the World


In the Gospel of John, the Greek word for world can mean two things.  First, world describes the inhabited universe.  We humans are in and part of the world.  It is stated in this gospel that the world needs a Savior.  This implication connects it to the second meaning that suggests the opposition between the world and God and His redeeming activity in Christ.  The world is opposed to the love of God and represents the darkness of Satan.

We live in the world, both as inhabitants and disciples committed to the work of God who has redeemed us and wishes to draw others into a relationship with Him.  It is in opposition to the world that we experience derision and even persecution.  Our temptation is to lash back at those who wish us ill.  Our obligation is to turn the other cheek.  Our witness involves both word and action.  We represent the Christian community and should act accordingly.  I Peter in particular and  the New Testament as a whole should be our guides.

The devil wants his following and will take every opportunity to gain new disciples.  Evil has many good evangelists.  Its devotees are always at work.  They would engulf the world (our inhabited reality in its need of a Savior) with disorder, hate, injustice, calamity, and especially our sin (the world as opposed to God).

We are in the ranks of those that will stand against evil no matter what.  In the warp and woof of daily life we respond and act for the Lord until He comes again with final victory over His foes.  Christ is indeed the Savior of the world!


Michael Tavella

May 10, 2023

The Sanctuary Light