In our daily lives we deal with a variety of unbelievers.  Our defense and witness are directed to them. “Unbelievers” is the general category with more specific descriptions that fall under it.  Included are atheists, agnostics, believers of other faiths, heretics, and seekers, We are addressing all of them with a special emphasis on atheists.  In the future, when we propose designs for Sunday School classes and conferences, we will indicate to what group or groups we are primarily addressing.

The New Testament is speaking to both Jews and pagan Gentiles. That is, we are speaking to everyone. In Romans Paul directs his attention to all people, both Jews and Gentiles.  This is the way Jews divided up the human world, either as part of Israel or not. All people are under the wrath of God and need justification before God.  The solution to God’s wrath is found in Romans 3: 28: “For we hold that one is justified by faith apart from works of the law.”  (ESV)

In the ancient world atheism was a rare commodity with few exceptions.  For example, Epicurus, the philosopher, was an atheist.  It is to atheists that we primarily direct our attention.

Michael G. Tavella

June 7, 2019

Saint Paul’s Civility
Christ, Culture, and Christians