American Nihilism


Nihilism is a philosophical and theological view that human life has no ultimate meaning.–no God, no morality, no sense. The word from Latin literally means nothing.  We find it in the English word, annihilate.

Signs of nihilism in America include:

Great decline in belief in God and religious practice including churchgoing

Decline of public and private morality and thriving of relativism

Profound disregard for human life (e.g. abortion)

Increased crudity in speech and actions in the public sphere (“Pants down to the knees” syndrome)

Greater sense of spiritual emptiness in the population

Increased violence

Greatly heightened fear of death.

Dissolution of the family

The rotting of our public institutions including government, the schools, and the media


America is in steep decline. Our witness must address the corroding effects of this trend by proclaiming Christ in the midst of this societal maelstrom.

Michael G. Tavella

October 7, 2021

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