Squeeze Out the Spiritual Life–A Dictum of Our Secular Culture


In America the spiritual life and the exercise of religion are being squeezed out by the sights and sounds around us.  Among these phenomena are:

  1.  Street and highway noise
  2.  Noise in the market place (e.g. blaring music in the stores)
  3.  Constant advertising, reaching especially into the home (telephone soliciting)
  4.  The media (though we have a lot of control over this one)
  5.  Maniacal  driving
  6.  Too many talkers, too few listeners (Yours truly has a tendency to talk too much and listen too little)
  7.  The constant political shouting contest
  8.  You pick one

We are social beings.  Silence can be too deep.  We must establish a via media, a course between extremes. In our own lives, we must find enough space in the noise to continue our pilgrimage to the Kingdom of God.  We differ in our need for company, but all of us must not neglect prayer, reflection, and meditation that nourishes our relationship to God.  Without this spiritual support, including time to hear the Word of God speak to us, we are at the mercy of a secular culture, pressing its own agenda.

Michael G. Tavella

October 19, 2021

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